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I was born in 1974 in Burlington, Wisconsin, the older of two children. My family moved frequently and I found out about peer dynamics and interpersonal communication at a young age.   Always the new kid, I quickly learned that the key to surviving any situation is the ability to change and adapt, a theme prevalent in my writing.  

As a young boy, I was greatly influenced by both of my grandfathers, a WWII bomber tail gunner and a WWII medical orderly. Discussions of my grandfathers’ wartime experiences, coupled with my voracious appetite for reading, developed an eager young historian in me.  I’d search through library clearance sales snatching up any discarded historical works that I could find.

I dreamed of becoming a collegiate history professor and in 1996 I graduated from St. Norbert College with a degree in history.  My primary areas of study were East Asian and Latin American history.   I also studied China, Japan, the Koreas and South American in depth, becoming familiar with their cultures, histories and the political realities.  I briefly attended the University of Kansas after being accepted into the military history graduate program but never finished my Masters degree, opting instead to move to Minnesota and marry my college sweetheart.

For the last fourteen years, I have worked as an executive in the financial services and banking industry. I have had the opportunity to be employed by some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the country and am well versed in the nation’s banking and credit system and structure. Working with some of the most talented professionals in the analytics industry has given me with significant insight into the world of predictive modeling and analytics.

It is this eclectic mix of experiences that I draw upon when writing.  I just finished my first novel, Devolution: Catalyst, and am in the process of writing a second.

I live with my wife and two daughters in a suburb of Minneapolis and can often be found reading and writing when not being teased and tortured by my wonderful girls.


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